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The aim of the DSN Forum UK is to share best practice to improve outcomes for people living with diabetes, to connect diabetes specialist nurses across the UK within a supportive network. Our website is designed to help healthcare professionals navigate the vast amount of ever changing online resources available in relation to diabetes nursing and diabetes care. Don't forget to follow us for more up to date developments across our social media channels. 

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Meet the Team

The DSN Forum UK was developed by Amanda Epps in March 2018. The Co-Chair of the forum is Bethany Kelly and the other two directors areTamsin Fletcher-Salt and Vicki Alabraba. The team are all diabetes specialist nurses passionate about diabetes care and love new and innovative ways to raise awareness, educate and improve diabetes care.
The team all work within the NHS in different locations across the UK and run the forum alongside their clinical roles. The DSN Forum won the QiC Diabetes HCP of the Year award in 2018 and were also HSJ Value Award finalists in 2019. 

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Amanda Epps

Lead Diabetes Specialist Nurse 
East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust

Amanda qualified as a nurse in 2010. She spent the first few years working her way up from staff nurse to senior sister on the gastroenterology and endocrinology ward at Medway NHS Foundation Trust. 

She moved into diabetes specialist nursing in 2014 as a junior inpatient DSN and soon became the lead DSN covering inpatients, outpatients and the insulin pump service. Amanda is a non medical prescriber and is currently in year 3 of her MSc in diabetes.

Amanda is currently the lead DSN for East Kent Hospitals University Foundation Trust across 3 hospital sites.

Amanda's son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2015 and this is one of the reasons why Amanda set up the DSN Forum UK.

Beth Kelly

Lead Diabetes Specialist Nurse
Wiltshire Health and Care

Beth has worked for the NHS for 16 years. She is about to embark on a new role as lead clinical DSN for Wiltshire. Beth has a keen interest  DSN in type 1 diabetes and has a special love for those young adults living with diabetes and using technology.

Beth recently completed her MSc Diabetes Practice at Swansea University.

Beth is an editorial board director for the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation (DRWF).

Beth is a a well known national diabetes speaker and the creator of the Diabetes 101 twitter team.

The DSN Forum won QiC Diabetes Professional of the Year in 2018.

Tamsin Fletcher-Salt

Diabetes Specialist Nurse
University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust

Tamsin has worked in the NHS for 11 years and has been a DSN for the last 6 years. Prior to becoming a DSN, Tamsin worked as a Critical care nurse for 5 years in a trauma centre.

Tamsin joined the DSN Forum admin team in March 2020.

Tamsin is in her 3rd year of her MSc in Diabetes with Kings College London.

Tamsin also lives with Type 1 Diabetes 24/7 and she has a special interest in Type 1 diabetes, diabetes technology and renal and has been instrumental in setting up online support groups for people living with diabetes in her local area.

Tamsin was a finalist in the QiC Diabetes awards 2020

Vicki Alabraba

Education & Research Associate
Leicester Diabetes Centre

Vicki qualified as a nurse in 2002 starting her nursing career on the surgical HPB and transplant unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. 

She became a DSN in 2005 and a non medical prescriber in 2008. She has worked within diabetes outpatients, research, diabetes and pregnancy, inpatients and community. Vicki has recently joined the EDEN team at Leicester Diabetes Centre.

Vicki joined the DSN Forum team in March 2020 and has just completed the 1st year of her MSc in Diabetes Practice at Swansea University.

Vicki was awarded the QiC Diabetes Professional of the Year in 2020.

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Diabetes Health Care Professionals Voices...

The DSN Forum has been well received by many diabetes healthcare professionals since it was founded by Amanda Epps in 2018. Here are a selection of narratives from a range of diabetes professionals around the UK.

Prof Partha Kar

Diabetes Consultant & National Speciality Advised, Diabetes for NHS England

The DSN Forum has been a great educational resource and has been instrumental in raising the profile of the importance of diabetes specialist nursing over the past few years.The forum has huge value and importance among DSN's across the UK. Thank you on behalf of myself and the NHS England diabetes team/

Dr. Rose Stewart

Principal Clinical Psychologist

The DSN forum is a dynamic and forward thinking group that represents the best aspects of modern day diabetes specialist nursing. The group are fantastic examples of leadership, knowledge and passion for the area they work in.

Dr Rebecca Thomas

Senior Research Officer in Retinopathy (Queen of Eyes)

The DSN forum is a place to share best practice and ideas in a safe & inclusive environment. Whether you're a consultant nurse, inpatient, community, or pump DSN all are welcome and encouraged. Other diabetes MDT members are also included i.e. pharmacists, psychologists etc the list goes on. It is a great place to network, get support & advice as well as learn from your peers & grow confidence in your job role. 

Donna Edwards

Locality Lead Diabetes Specialist Nurse

The DSN forum is a great way to network with your peers around the country. The information sharing is invaluable. I encourage all my colleagues to visit the forum for up to date information.  

Sam Barnard

Paediatric Diabetes Specialist Nurse

The DSN forum is a fantastic resource for any diabetes specialist nurse.The vast amount of knowledge in the specialist area makes DSN forum a “must visit” resource. 

Alison Cox

Diabetes Specialist Nurse

The DSN forum is a great way to network with your peers around the country. The information sharing is invaluable. I encourage all my colleagues to visit the forum for up to date information.  

Helen Kilminster

 GP based Pharmacist/PCN Clinical Director - Vice President PCPA/CD Board Member NHS Confederation PCN Network

The DSN Forum encapsulates evidence based practice, effective collaboration and authentic leadership. It’s clear that the vision of the DSN Forum is to support both the diverse patient community and the wider healthcare team. The sense of unity and positivity fostered by the DSN Forum is credit to its core team of dedicated DSNs. From acts of kindness and inclusive support offered by the DSN Forum, encourages us all to embed the same values of compassion and empathy.

Dr Patrick Holmes

GP Partner & GPwSI Diabetes/CCG Diabetes lead/Primary Care Diabetes Society

The DSN Forum is an amazing source of information, support and much more. Delivered with creativity, energy and humour. Since it’s creation it has been such a positive force within diabetes.

Geraldine Kendrick

Diabetes Specialist Nurse

Thank you so much for bringing diabetes educators together. If we have a question and want to know best practice we can ask in the DSN forum. It's a wonderful community, thank you for your time and efforts to keep it all running.

Hannah Beba

Senior Clinical Pharmacist

The DSN forum is a fantastic resource for all healthcare professionals working in the area of diabetes. The forum provides updates on research and guidelines, practical advice and support and signposts people working in the field to events and resources. I think people think that it’s just for DSNs but as a pharmacist I have been welcomed as a follower and love getting involved in the discussions. DSN forum has its finger on the pulse of diabetes care from all angles and for all healthcare professionals.

People Living with Diabetes Voices...

The DSN Forum have also engaged with the online diabetes community, including many people who live with diabetes, over the past few years and have made some super fantastic friends.

Adrian Long

The DSN Forum team are the collective embodiment of the values which have made the NHS the cherished institution that it is in the UK.Powered by wise words of Mary Poppins - “in every job that must be done, there is an element of fun” - they have seized the opportunities presented by the social media age to build bridges between HCPs and patients, and in so doing have become a trusted, authoritative and above all much-loved source of advice and support to all those living with diabetes, not least throughout the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.Partnership, cooperation and a sense of collective ownership lie at the heart of their work, reflecting the shared responsibility which is so central to living well with diabetes, as well as the founding values of the NHS.

Paul Coker

The DSN forum is leading the way in connecting health care professionals with each other and with people living with diabetes on social media, and this has been more important than ever during the COVID pandemic. They provide a a source of information that health care professionals and people living with diabetes rely upon because it is evidence based and it combine this with the pragmatic voice of reason that only comes from extensive clinical experience of helping people on a day to day basis.  What a wonderful resource, I am so grateful to the team behind this.

Brian Hoadley

The way these DSN’s go above and beyond, this isn’t a job for these people, it’s a calling. The interaction with the online community is amazing, and helps level the relationship between HCP and the people living with diabetes, top effort everyone.

Jess Chiswell

I like joining in on team 101 quizzes and sometimes #gbdoc chats too. It's nice to  learn with friendly people. The online community has allowed me to virtually meet older people with type 1 diabetes which has been important. Always helpful, smiley friendly DSNs with awesome advice. Thank you for giving your time.

Gillian Kerr

The freely given support during the pandemic and enthusiasm from the team for those of us unable to access our local hospital care has been invaluable. With a recent diagnosis and a myriad of unanswered questions as lockdown commenced, my appointments were cancelled meaning I was anxious and scared. Eight months later my knowledge has expanded and I feel empowered to get to grips with my diabetes. My thanks to all. 

Paul Sandells

The help and support from the Diabetes Specialist Nurses is nothing short of outstanding. They're a credit to the profession and I, as a person living with Type 1 Diabetes, am very grateful for all the time they give to me and my peers.

Chris Bright

The DSN forum is the critical bridge between people with Diabetes and the healthcare professionals. The way this team gives up their time to help healthcare professionals and those with the condition is amazing. The advice is always helpful and delivered in a way which engages and empathises with the situation and people you’re dealing with. Thank you for all that you’ve done to help people like me!


I think you’re all fantastic. Each and every one of you has raised the bar considerably for DSNs. Your kindness, reassurance and positivity has been so welcome during a very trying 2020.

Connecting Sharing Growing

If you are a diabetes specialist nurse in the UK and would like to join our closed Facebook group please follow this link