The Diabetes Specialist Nurse Forum UK was developed by Amanda Epps Lead DSN at Medway NHS Foundation Trust.

I’m Amanda Epps, I qualified as a nurse in 2010. I spent my first few years working my way from staff nurse to senior sister of the gastroenterology and endocrinology ward in Medway NHS Foundation trust. I moved into diabetes specialist nursing at the end of 2014 as a junior inpatient DSN. Within 9 months of starting in the role my son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes ironically. I soon became the lead inpatient DSN covering inpatients, outpatients and the insulin pump service. I am a non medical prescriber and a I am close to finishing my MSc Advanced Nurse Practitioner.

In March 2018 I developed the DSN forum UK. We now have over 850 members in our Facebook group

There were so many good resources being shared that I decided to make this website to store them all.

We have a blog and a YouTube channel to share our antics see front page for links

The aim of the forum is to share best practice to improve outcomes for people with diabetes, reduce unnecessary duplication across diabetes nursing, and to connect DSNs to provide a support network of specialists.